Values are deeply held views of what we find worthwhile.


The Values of New Story



The greatest impact in the outcome of therapy is the relationship between the counsellor and their client. Our counsellors recognize this and treat our clients with respect, empathy and strive to build  trusting relationships. The greatest healing comes through the honest and caring relationship a client has with his or her therapist.



Counselling is a profession that requires trust for a client’s growth and healing. Maintaining the highest professional standards and being held accountable to those standards are essential in promoting quality care. New Story Counselling abides by the Ethical Code of Conduct and Standards of Clinical Practice set by the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.



There are many men and women who find themselves struggling with issues that are beyond the help of pastoral care. Those who want to incorporate their faith into the process of healing and recovery are invited to participate in Christian counselling. Faith, Scriptural truth, and prayer add a powerful dynamic to the counselling process and create a more holistic approach to care for a client. New Story Counselling is not exclusively a Christian counselling centre, however this belief system can be incorporated into counselling practice upon a client’s request.